Why Focused Exercises Can Help Your Curves More

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Scarlett Johansson may have been gifted with the perfect hourglass figure naturally, but not all of us can boast the same!

With the shift in the ideal female body type, the hourglass figure has once again become the most coveted figure. The epitome of femininity in this decade, the perfectly tiny waist with a large butt and gorgeous breasts has now become the ultimate body goals for women all over the world.

If you too want a body like J-Lo or any of the Kardashians, we’ve got great news for you! Focused exercises may be just want you need to get the body of your dreams.

What are focused exercises?

While targeted weight loss may be a proven myth and spot reduction a hoax fed to us by fitness trainers, spot training through focused exercises is still very much a reality—and a very effective one too!

Spot reduction refers to the claim that it is possible to target specific areas of the body to lose fat in, while retaining fat in all other areas. As nice as that sounds—imagine getting rid of that double chin for once and for all without losing the weight in your hips—it is just not possible. You can’t choose where in the body you lose weight.

When you start working out and eating healthy, you typically lose weight all over the body. Depending upon your genetics, you may lose weight faster in some areas; but not of your own choice.

Spot training, on the other hand, refers to training specific areas of your body to build muscle after getting rid of excess fat all over the body. What you’re essentially doing in spot training is only exercising a particular part of the body to make it stronger, wider or more toned.

However, even with focused exercises, all you’re doing is making the muscles of an area more prominent than the rest of your body. What you’re NOT doing is getting rid of the fat in that area while leaving the rest of your body intact. That just isn’t possible!

How can focused exercises help my curves?

The first thing to getting the body you want is always getting rid of excess fat. Once you’ve done so, you’re likely to notice that your curves have disappeared—the opposite of what you wanted! But this is not a cause for concern, as this is where the curve building actually starts.

Through specific exercises like lunges, squats and step-ups, specifically designed to strengthen the glutes, you can get a perkier, rounder and a stronger bottom than ever before. While the size and width of your butt largely depends upon your genetics, it is possible to build muscle to make it looker bigger and wider than it is.

The same goes for your waist. A smaller waist makes the chest and butt appear larger; and who doesn’t want abs? Once you’ve successfully burnt off excess fat, you can start your waist trimming exercises like pushups, crunches and leg raises to get sexy washboard abs.

While enlarging the size of your breasts may be difficult without gaining body fat, it is possible to lift them higher and make them appear fuller and perkier without surgery. The dumbbell bench presses, pushups and dumbbell flies are excellent exercises to achieve this.

For added information on getting the perfectly sexy curvy body, head on over to our blog, the complete guide for getting the curvy body.

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