How to Get a Bigger Butt from Running

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Have you ever seen a professional runner, male or female? Notice their physiques.

You’re likely to notice that most of these runners have powerful legs and thighs—and more importantly, a round, perky butt.

But isn’t running supposed to burn off the fat off your body, no matter where it is? Aren’t runners supposed to have lean, muscular bodies because of all the exercise? So, what gives?

The stereotype surrounding runners’ bodies could not possibly be more wrong! Turns out, running is actually one of the best exercises to tone your booty and make it its perkiest.

The Composition of Our Butt

Our butt muscles are made up of three major muscles, collectively known as the glutes, and separately as the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is one of the most powerful muscles of your body, and is also the largest of the three glutes.

The three glutes together control most of your lower body movement, and aid in your ability to balance yourself on one leg while walking or running. If the glutes weren’t in proper working condition, or have been allowed to fall into disrepair due to too much sitting, you can find your legs to hurt when you walk even the slightest more than you’re used to.

Run for a Bigger Booty

When you’re running, you’re utilizing all three of the glutes. The gluteus maximus helps rotate the hips, while the gluteus medius and maximus work together to allow you to move your hips to move forward or to the side.

The glutes are also helping you support your body and balance yourself when you lift one leg and take one stride after another.

The more you run, the stronger the muscles of your butt grow, and so, the larger your butt gets. However, it is not all kinds of running that can achieve this effect. Just like focused exercises which help to build muscle in the part of the body you’re exercising, specific kind of running that puts pressure on your glutes is more effective to getting a bubble butt.

A series of repetitions of sprinting is far more effective to train your glutes than running long distance. Long distance sprints are more focused towards building endurance, whereas interval based sprints are more effective in building the glute muscles.

The Running Exercises You Need

On a treadmill inclined to 8 percent from the ground, do a series of eight repetitions of 30 second sprints, taking a two-minute break in between each repetition.

You may also want to try “explosive running drills”. These involve forcefully launching off the ground into a rapid run reaching up to 15 strides. When you put pressure on the ground during your launch, you’re actually putting pressure on your glutes which are powering your launching movement. After you complete a set of 15 sprints, rest for a minute before setting off for another sprint.


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