Corset Train for Smaller Waist, Wider Hips and Bigger Butt

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What is Corset Training for a Smaller Waist?

Corset training to get a smaller waist, bigger butt, and wider hips has began to come back in style. All over the internet you can see celebrities and other not so famous women indorsing corsets (usually cheaply made corsets from China) from here and there. Long ago it was once thought that corset training was bad and unhealthy for you but with today’s advancements in technology as well as knowledge of the human body corset training has been safer than ever when done right! When you use properly you can corset train to get a smaller waist, wider hips and a bigger butt. This will create the famous hour glass figure many woman pay thousands of dollars using plastic surgery. Corset training is a natural and safe way to get a hourglass figure for a small fraction of the price you’ll pay for surgery.

How does Corset Training Work?

Waist training causes you to gradually lose inches off your waistline over time. Short term results are temporary while a longer commitment yields permanent results. While wearing a waist trainer you notice immediate results but consistent use is necessary to have the same results when you take it off. Corset training cause you to lose fat from your waistline and if you are gaining weight it will help minimize the amount of fat you store in your mid section. Corset training can effect your ribs and if done carelessly without proper guidance and education. Doing it wrong can harm you. Be sure to educate yourself thoroughly for the best long term results and a great experience.

How to waist train/corset train for a Smaller Waist, Bigger Butt and Wider Hips

  • First you must find a proper fitting corset. This is typically about .5-1 inch tighter than your natural waistline. The best corsets are adjustable like this one here -> adjustable corset.
  • You start off by wearing the corset for 1 hour the first day and gradually wear it longer as you break it in and feel comfortable wearing it. Once you feel comfortable you should wear it all of your waking day and take it off at night. If you’re a less serious trainer you can wear it 6-8 hours a day.
  • Once the corset start to go on more easy it’s time to wear it a little tighter.
  • When you receive the desired results ideally you’ll want to stay at that size for about 2-3 months and afterwards use the corset 1-2 times a week for a few hours or at night.
  • Be sure to clean your corset properly. You might want to get an extra one to switch out.


For the best results you should also consider adding a proper diet and exercise routine to your regime.Exercise will be important as corset training has the ability to weaken the muscles in the area it’s compressing.

A guide like Code Curves Body Bible which offer more details about corset training and a large amount of natural techniques for getting a bigger butt, wider hips, smaller waist and more divided into sections would be very helpful. The book includes a information section on how to get wider hips. There is also a Code Curves supplement which will help you get a bigger butt, wider hips and a smaller waistline without working out. This would go GREAT with corset/waist training. You can find both here -> Code Curves Natural Curve Enhancing Products.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

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  • Courtney

    I’ve been waist training for a year and it takes a lot of commitment

  • Briana

    I think waist training is talked up and just a fad right now.

  • Anonymous

    heard waist training isn’t good for your organs

  • Anonymous

    Binding your waist doesn’t really seem healthy!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone heard about those asians who bind their feet to have smaller feminine feet?

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is crazy but cool at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t want to mess up my ribs. :-/

  • Anonymous

    Can you write about how NOT to do it. I seen a photo of a girl who messed up her waist trying to train. I’m completely scared now.

  • Anonymous

    khloe has plastic surgery

  • Vijay Patel

    Narrowing the human waist using corsets (or what ever) makes the waist look unnatural and it’s glaringly obvious to me. I find it disgusting and disturbing… and can’t look at such deformities. I draw the human figure and there is no such thing as safe corseting… constricting your lungs, stomach, kidneys… not to mention your blood circulation. The women in the Victorian era were always passing out because of corsets and not because they were “delicate” creatures. The natural female body is always attractive while corseting… creepy !!

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