Sculpting A Thick And Curvy Body

An hourglass figure is the object of desire and envy for most women. A fairly new term that made an entry in to our vocabulary is thick. Not thick as in a thick and warm blanket but thick as in a woman with muscular and toned thighs, legs, arms and butt. Some of the most gorgeous thick women include Beyoncé, Kim […]

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Hourglass Exercises That Guarantee Fast Results

Every woman wishes to look in the mirror and see a gorgeous hourglass figure. While some of are naturally born with a bone structure that supports the development of an hourglass figure, others aren’t so lucky. While there isn’t much you can do to alter your bone structure, there are plenty of ways to still achieve an enviable curvy figure. […]

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How to Get a Bigger Butt from Running

Have you ever seen a professional runner, male or female? Notice their physiques. You’re likely to notice that most of these runners have powerful legs and thighs—and more importantly, a round, perky butt. But isn’t running supposed to burn off the fat off your body, no matter where it is? Aren’t runners supposed to have lean, muscular bodies because of […]

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Why Focused Exercises Can Help Your Curves More

Scarlett Johansson may have been gifted with the perfect hourglass figure naturally, but not all of us can boast the same! With the shift in the ideal female body type, the hourglass figure has once again become the most coveted figure. The epitome of femininity in this decade, the perfectly tiny waist with a large butt and gorgeous breasts has […]

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The Best Enhancement Supplements For A Fuller Butt

A fuller butt and great physique is often desired by men and women alike. However, it takes a lot of time and money on enlarging any area of your body through risky surgeries. This is one of the reasons butt enhancement supplements such as pills, oils and creams have flooded the market and are such a hit. Another reason is […]

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Hip Opening Yoga Poses| Get Wider Bigger Hips

Frog Yoga Pose for Bigger Hips

Why would anyone want to know how to get bigger hips? Wide curvy hips and a small waist are considered essential for a sexy feminine body. It’s been scientifically studied and proven time and time again the men are actually attracted to a body the more curvaceous it appears which means don’t feel alone because many women are on the […]

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Supplements for a Bigger Butt, Wider Hips and Smaller Waist Fast


Curves, Hips and Butt Enhancement Supplements for a Bigger Butt and Hips without Exercise If you think you’ve tried everything you may want to consider using some type of butt enhancement supplement to get a bigger butt. We’ve all been there… wishing we could gain more fat on our booty instead of just muscle. It can be hard to gain a […]

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Enhancement Supplements and Creams for Bigger Buttocks

There are a variety of supplements and creams that help increase the size of the buttocks. Some buttock enhancing supplements and creams are more effective than others. With celebs like Kylie Jenner boasting about their “natural” ways of getting more curves, you might be wondering about your options. What is an affordable and safe proven way to help you get […]

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