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bigger butt and wider hip enhancement and enlargement creams and lotions
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Butt Enhancement Creams and Lotions for Wider Hips and Bigger Butt

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All About Butt Enhancement Creams and Lotions

There are a few bigger buttock creams/lotions that are advertised as able to make your booty and hips larger. They are all a bit unique and claim to offer their own benefits, but which of these bigger butt and wider hip creams are the best lotion to increase the size of your booty naturally and do butt creams work? While there aren’t much to choose from, you may begin to wonder how it’s even possible to get a big bum by rubbing something on the outer surface of your body. You’ll then think how can it only stimulate one spot if it is typically absorbed into the blood stream as most things are.

How buttock enlargement creams are supposed to work

They all claim to work in about the same way, they increase fat deposition to your buttocks. They are supposed to target your buttocks directly… or which ever area you rub the cream into for that matter. You will then absorb the active ingredients which supposed to directly target your butt. These ingredients usually consist of basic herbal ingredients with lack of scientific study and at times chemically processed ingredients.

Be Wary of Most Lotions and Bigger Butt & Hips Creams

When you rub something onto your body, if it’s absorbed by your body it will be circulated throughout your body. Topical medications are not just subject to one area. The ingredients, if even absorbed, will travel to your liver then circulate through your blood stream. Most bigger butt creams and lotions have the types of ingredients that when circulate are to target your whole body. A lot of the ingredients will the effect other body parts. If you only want to get a bigger butt and not bigger breast this causes a problem.

Another topic to touch on about absorption is that creams are too thick to be absorbed by the body. Mass manufacturers usually use the cheapest bonders for making lotion so the aren’t in sync with your skin. Instead of being absorbed, they just sit on top of the skin and barely even penetrate the outer most superficial layer of skin.

Now, a bigger butt and hip cream which has herbs in it would cause the herbs to penetrate your entire system. So it would be like taking a supplement in a sense, only extremely less effective then a supplement. Most buttock enhancing creams have way to small of amount of active ingredients in order to be useful as far as absorption and circulation go. This is especially true of the cheap ones.

Don’t Worry! There ARE 3 Brands of Bigger Butt Creams and Wider Hip Lotions that Work!

While most wider hip and bigger butt creams don’t work there are a few which DO contain ingredients which will help you actually get a bigger butt and wider hips. These need to have 2 very important ingredients which at the moment are the only combination of ingredients scientifically proven to help you get a bigger butt, wider hips or increase fat growth to the area it is applied to.

The first ingredient goes into the blood stream and only stimulates receptors which are responsible for your bodies ability to increase fat in your breast, butt, and hips. This is similar to a woman’s body going through puberty.

The second ingredient stimulates the superficial layer and fat cells. When this happens and receptors are active you start to see an increase in fat in the are you applied the cream to. The process is slower than most but it is effective at only targeting specific areas. You can gain up to .5-1 inch in 1-2 months.

Example: Code Curves Butt and Hips Enlargement Cream

Other things you can try: Exercising is one of the fastest ways to get a bigger butt without supplements, vitamins, butt enlargement creams or lotions. Aside from helping make your butt bigger you’ll also make your butt rounder and more lifted. To help cut down on the time you spend exercising use heavy weights, good posture and learn about the way you should eat to help promote growth to your butt. You might also want to try supplements designed to help you get a larger booty.


“Always do your best. What you plant now will harvest later.”

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