Enhancement Supplements and Creams for Bigger Buttocks

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There are a variety of supplements and creams that help increase the size of the buttocks. Some buttock enhancing supplements and creams are more effective than others. With celebs like Kylie Jenner boasting about their “natural” ways of getting more curves you might be wondering about your options. What is an affordable and safe proven way to help you get a bigger butt?

How do buttock enhancement supplements and creams work?

There has been a lot of studies showing the positive effects some micro nutrients from exotic plants can have on helping the body.  These micro nutrients can help in improving health. They are also good at promoting natural enhancement and growth of your butt and hips to help make them bigger.

In the past when technology was still a baby westerners didn’t understand this was possible. Natives and many other cultures had been using herbs and plants for ages. Now with the advancements in technology and more people willing to participate in studies it’s possible to prove how you can help your body naturally in many ways using plants.

With so many plants and natural ingredients available there are new studies showing how certain micro nutrients can positively effect the body. Micro nutrients are isolated or the plant is broken down while keeping most of its nutritional properties. Nutrients are turned to a powder most of the time and used in lotions or in pills.

The particular ingredients can help increase fat in certain areas like making your butt bigger, hips bigger, and breast bigger. They can also promote hormonal balance to help nourish your female hormones which in turn help promote curves.

What are some butt enhancement supplements available on the market?

First, our supplement. Because we control our supplement we can give you more details on how they’re produced, their ingredients and more.

Code Curves Curve Enhancing Pills
Our code curves pills are manufactured in an FDA registered facility (registration number: 11161582544) and follow guidelines known as cGMP created by the FDA to help protect the people.

They are made of natural ingredients and help promote curves by balancing your hormones. Stress, bad sleep, processed foods, alcohol, and pollution can really mess up your hormones. Code Curves helps keep them balanced under all those conditions.

Code Curves Pills also help you get a bigger butt, wider hips, and bigger breast while keeping the amount of fat stored in your midsection to a minimum. The ingredients help stimulate the good hormones that were lost under the previous circumstances which help improve your curves over time.

You can check out Code Curves Curve Enhancing Pills by Clicking Here.

Code Curves Plumping Lotion
Our lotion is based on a new scientific study that shows the two active ingredients in our supplement can directly target the area it is applied to to help increase the fat cells in the area. This can help you enhance your butt, hips, breast, etc.

Natural with no unnecessary additives like colors and scents which aren’t good for your body.

The first ingredient goes into your body when applied. They reach receptors responsible for fat deposition in areas like your butt, hips, breast, etc. The areas where you experience fat growth during puberty. These are the only receptors active. Any extra that is not needed is naturally removed from the body when you use the restroom.

The second ingredient goes into the skin a clings to the fat cells. Since receptors have been activated it this ingredient is able to cause the fat cells to begin to multiply.

You can learn more about our plumping lotion by clicking here.

For the best results we always recommend using them together. When you combine the receptor activating properties of the lotion with the targeted fat boosting and slimming properties of the lotion/pills you experience natural enhancement of your butt and hips faster. To learn more about the package which also comes with a free body bible ebook you get instant access to click here.



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  • Leeann

    After loosing 70 lbs., I noticed my behind was going away. I squat daily at the gym and it helped round it out, but it wasn’t plump nor did I feel the jiggle in the back. So I wanted to try a butt enhancement. Saw Dermalmd glute booster serum and thought “what the heck! It’s worth a try”. Glad I did! 2 was in and my butt feels fuller and heavier and is slightly plumper. My jeans look better and I can’t wait for further results with continued use!

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