Supplements for a Bigger Butt, Wider Hips and Smaller Waist Fast

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Curves, Hips and Butt Enhancement Supplements for a Bigger Butt and Hips without Exercise

If you think you’ve tried everything you may want to consider using some type of butt enhancement supplement to get a bigger butt. We’ve all been there… wishing we could gain more fat on our booty instead of just muscle. It can be hard to gain a lot of muscle as a woman and keep our body looking feminine. Remember the last time you bought that dress thinking it would like the model on you only to be disappointed?  I’ve been there which is why I started this blog. I wanted to help women who felt as helpless as I once did. Which bigger butt pills vitamins are more effective for growth and which will get you a bigger booty?

Butt Enhancement Creams and Lotions for Bigger Butt and Wider Hips Naturally

Butt Enhancement Creams and Lotions for Wider Hips and Bigger Butt
With advancement in technologies, there are a few creams and lotion supplements which can help you get a bigger butt and get bigger hips. There has been recent University Studies which shows certain ingredients can target certain areas of your body. Example: Code Curves Plumping Lotion for Bigger Butt, Wider Hips, and Bigger Breast has 2 main active ingredients which work in 2 ways:

  1. One enters the bloodstream and only activates receptors responsible for fat that is deposited into these areas. This happens by their ability to only bond to certain chemical receptors.
  2. The other active natural ingredients superficially penetrate the area and since fat receptors are activated the fat is stimulated and begins to multiply increasing the fat in that area.

So, over time you gain more fat in your butt, hips, breast or all 3 depending on where you apply it. This is a great way to get a bigger booty or get wider hips without it affecting your breast or vice versa. It’s safe and you can expect to gain up to half an inch a month using it twice daily. You can get a bigger butt and hips without exercise. Maybe you already have a small waistline or big breast and do not want to affect these areas. Our plumping lotion will help you only target the areas you want to make bigger.


Buttock Enhancement Pills for a Bigger Butt, Wider Hips, Bigger Breast and Slimmer Waist

Pills and vitamins can be more effective. There are such a vast variety of herbs and supplements that can help you get a larger booty, wider hips, and smaller curvier waist. Three really effective supplements include Holy Basil, Alfalfa, and Code Curves Pills. (Coupon Codes at the end) These supplements have successfully worked for thousands of women.

Holy Basil: Basil is an adaptogen which helps your body adapt to difficult circumstances. When we get older, even when in high school, we live busy lives. Basil regulates insulin, reduces stress, lowers cortisol and triglyceride levels, has anti-aging & skin hydrating abilities, it also helps cleanse the liver which is important to use supplements. Holy Basil is GREAT for slimming your midsection!

Alfalfa: Alfalfa is a great superfood and helps balance estrogen levels. If you have low estrogen levels it will help stimulate estrogenic activity. If your levels are too high, it will help block estrogen. Alfalfa has also been known to help slim your waistline by minimizing the amount of fat your body stores in that area.

Code Curves: Code Curves contain a combination of ingredients that will help slim your waistline and increase the size of your butt, hips, and breast. Their ingredients are the only ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and found effective through various publicized clinical studies for helping you get a bigger butt and slimmer waist. Their ingredients exceed FDA standards and are pure and organic. They are inspected but the FDA and pass cGMP (another FDA standard). Plus, rest easy knowing in their 7 years of business they’ve never experienced a customer with side effects. Most people see results within 2-3 weeks without exercising or changing their diet. If you add exercise you will see results faster since you are increasing blood flow to your desired areas.

The Ingredients In Code Curves:

Black Cohosh:
Besides its effects on helping with depression and anxiety which indirectly helps keep bad hormones at bay this natural ingredient helps make sure fat is deposited into the hips, buttocks and in some the breast instead of the waistline, stomach, and lower back areas. This helps your body store fat differently and get a bigger butt and wider hips.

Dong Quai:
This organic ingredient assists your body by making sure your hormones are balanced. This means it makes sure you don’t have too much or too little. It also helps with blood flow to areas like your butt, hips, and breast which is beneficial if you wanted to combine it with exercise making your efforts more effective.

This is another natural ingredient which helps make sure you aren’t depositing bad hormones in your body that cause you to gain fat in your midsection giving you a muffin top and sloppy figure. It fights off bad hormones. It also improves your immune system.

Red Clover:
This safe and natural ingredient helps support your female hormones responsible for your curves. It also helps support stronger bones which is an extremely common problem women end up facing as they get older.

This natural ingredient is used to help support your entire body’s system and help negate bad chemicals and hormones. This will positively affect your mental state, make sure you aren’t depositing fat in boyish places and support your natural systems. It directly affects the chemicals which effect and activate the development of wider hips, a bigger butt, and fuller breast.

This helps to safely lower male hormones in the female body especially those that are too high. This results in a more feminine and curvaceous appearance.

Blessed Thistle: Helps support your female organs and nourish them for their maximum health.

Red Raspberry:
This is included to help support the balance of your hormones by diminishing any excess negative hormones. It also helps diminish female cancer-causing cells.

Wild Yam:
A natural ingredient which helps support and nourish the liver which is where most things are absorbed into the body when consumed. This helps this supplement become more effective.

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Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success. 

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