How to get a Bigger Booty while Losing Weight and Not Losing Butt

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Losing Weight Without Losing your Butt

If you want to learn how to lose weight without losing your butt you can. A lot of clients I talk to are always concerned their weight loss efforts may hinder their hopes to get a bigger booty. The truth is you can lose weight and not lose your butt and actually get a bigger butt in comparison to your old proportions. To do this you’ll want to worry about cardio, resistance training, and your nutrition. These 3 things will help you by working together naturally to help shape your body into a beautiful hourglass figure. Here’s how to use these things together to lose weight without losing your butt and getting a bigger booty.

How to Exercise to Lose Weight and Not Lose Your Booty

Cardiovascular Exercise: If you’re trying to lose weight you already know you’ll have to do cardiovascular exercise in order to lose fat. You also probably already know that you lose weight evenly all over.

Resistance Training: While you’re losing weight, you’ll want to make sure you tone or build the places you want to be more toned or thicker. You can spot train with resistance training.

Nutrition: What you eat and when you eat it will help you have the building blocks for your body to make the changes you want, otherwise, you’ll actually get the opposite of the results you want.

Cardio to Lose Weight and Keep your Butt

Cardio is the best way to lose weight. Along with a compatible diet, cardio will help you burn fat. Cardiovascular selfieexercise should be done on a daily basis to assist with weight loss. Since you want to learn how to get a bigger butt and maintain a small waistline you don’t want to do intensive cardiovascular exercise, you’ll want to take it a little easy. Power walking on a daily basis 2+ miles is a great option for losing weight and not over working yourself. Cardio will help you lose weight when done right. Be careful which cardiovascular exercises you choose. Things like sprinting and running will make it harder for you to gain bigger muscles since they work out the slimmer fibers of your muscles.

Strength Training to Keep your Butt Bigger While During Weight Loss

Use resistance and do strength training exercises on areas of your body that  you may want to be more defined or bigger. If you want to define and tone areas like your arms, back, or waist then you’ll want to do toning exercise with little to no weights. If you want to make certain areas fuller and larger then you’ll want to use a sensibly heavy amount of resistance. You don’t want to do more then 12 reps in a set.  Overtime, you’ll also want to increase resistance if you want the areas to get bigger.

Foods to Lose Weight but Not your Butt and Make it Bigger

To make sure you get the best possible results then you can’t forget about the entire system of your body. Your body needs certain nutrients in order to make all these things happen. If your body doesn’t have the right nutrients, then you’ll get the opposite results you’re looking for.  The food you eat should be low in fat and contain a good amount of proteins and a moderate amount of good carbs. You can find the calculation for this in my blog post “10 minute routine for a bigger butt“.

In conclusion, you can lose weight and carve your body into an hourglass figure at the same time.

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