Before and After | Natural Bigger Butt & Slimmer Waist | Case #5693

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Case Number #5963

The above are after illegal injections. Don’t go the illegal injection way and mutilate your body, get curves naturally like the before and after photos below!


Before Photo 2

Before Photo 2

Before Code Curves Photo

Before Photo

Week 2 - After Photo 2

Week 2 – After Photo 2

Week 2 - After Photo

Week 2 – After Photo

1 Month After

1 Month After



  • Anonymous

    Lol I thought the photos were the preview I was like oh my gosh wtf!!! lol
    Those are nice results though.

  • Anonymous

    I was actually a little scared of trying these but they came fast and I’m seeing results too.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    me too lol

  • rubaiyat ahmed

    how to get Code Curves in Bangladesh??

  • Jonesy

    Don’t do Surgery!!! Never turn to surgery!!!!! The pills have natural ingredients in them to help regulate your hormones to produce the estrogen needed and prevent the bad hormones that cause your estrogen levels to drop or be replaced. Estrogen is needed in WOMEN, it what’s make our feminine parts such as breast, butts form more! Testosterone is more for MEN. Testosterone in women gives them the boyish shape. That’s what these pills help with balancing the hormones and removing the chemicals to produce more of your Estrogen. Doctors says surgery is the only way because they WANT YOUR MONEY !!!!! When you hit Puberty that’s when females produce the most estrogen and males produce more testosterone!! THERE ARE SOME WOMEN WHO NATURALLY HAS A BIG BUTT OR BIG BREAST! YOU CAN GET NATURAL BIG BUTT AND BREAST BUT YOU HAVE TO BALANCE YOUR HORMONES AND CLEAN OUT THE BAD CHEMICALS/HORMONES TO PRODUCE YOUR ESTROGEN!! So ladies SURGERY IS NOT…. NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!! Check their website and do YOUR RESEARCH!

  • Mira

    How can I get the product in Ghana ?

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