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Get a Bigger Butt in a Week or Less
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How to Get a Bigger Butt in 1 to 2 Weeks or Less

If you can set aside 10 minutes, you can get a bigger butt in as little as 2 weeks or less. Most people get a bigger butt in 1 week or less. A lot of us don’t have time to really commit to a long boring and repetitive routine. This workout routine is great if you want to get started getting a fatter booty, but you simply don’t have the time to commit to a more time consuming boring routine. If you do this routine 2-3 times a week (simply 10 minutes a day), you will begin to see results within 1-2 weeks. Remember, your muscles need to completely recuperate after a long hard workout in order to see results. This is an amazing exercise for getting a larger rounder sexier bubble booty! If you would have started a week ago you’d have results by now and would be feeling happier about your body.


Your Exercise Routine for Getting Bigger Buttocks:

Instructions: Perform each exercise continuously without taking a break in between. After the stated time switch to the next exercise. You should use some type of weights or resistance while doing each exercise, although optional. In order to see the best results, use heavy weights. Resistance will help you build more muscle faster and get a bigger butt faster. Try this routine just once and you’ll see how effective it is for working out you booty and making it more perky and rounder after just 1 workout! Now, imagine how good it will look in 2 weeks!


  • 30 Seconds – Rest



Hip Stretch

hip stretch for bigger hipsInstructions: Perform this Hip Stretch Exercise for 1 Minute on each side. Stretching is a very important part of exercising. It helps you maintain flexibility and minimize the possibility of injury. Stretching helps to warm up your muscles. This stretch will help your hips and glutes warm up. Stretching will also help your butt muscles heal faster so you’ll be sure to get a bigger butt in 1 week or faster.



Butt Bridge Exercise for a Bigger Bottom

one-leg-butt-bridge-to-get-a-bigger-buttInstructions: Perform the Butt Bridge Exercise for 1 Minute. You can use different variations and use different resistance types to make it harder and more effective. Remember to squeeze your butt. If you have trouble squeezing your booty cheeks you just need to work your booty a little more. Soon you’ll be able to squeeze your glutes tighter during exercises because you have more control over your buttock muscles. Have trouble performing the one legged butt bridge to help you get a bigger butt? Simply use both legs and eventually you’ll be able to just use one leg.

Side Leg Raise for Wider Hips and a Bigger Butt

side leg raise exercise to get a bigger buttInstructions: Perform the side leg raise exercise for 1 minute on each leg. The side leg raise will help you target the sides of your butt to help you have a more defined silhouette and hips to blend with your bigger butt. Use a band or leg weights to make the side leg raise more challenging. You can perform the side leg raise standing up as well.


REST for 30 Seconds


Side Lunges for a Bigger Butt and Wider Hips

side-lunges-for-bigger-hips-fastInstructions: Perform the side lunge exercise for 1 minute in each direction. These are great for building and lifting the buttocks and defining your hips and waistline.



High Step Ups for Bigger Stronger Buttocks

high step up exercise bogger butt 1 - 2 WeeksInstructions: Perform these high step up exercises for 2 minutes using each leg. These may be a little challenging at first but they’ll really help your booty! The higher your platform the more it targets your buttocks to promote them to grow bigger. Be sure you are using a steady platform..



Warm Down
Repeat the Hip Stretch


Your Nutrition:

When exercising for a larger bum and using resistance, your body is mainly using Carbohydrates and Proteins. Consuming .8g of carbohydrates per 1 kilogram of body fat and .2-.4g of protein per 1 kilogram of body fat daily are typically suggested. If you are using a lot of resistance and going hard (you might already be pretty athletic so you’ll use more resistance), then you’ll want to increase your intake slightly. Within 30 minutes after your workout, however, you should consume 1/4 of your daily total in carbohydrates and 10-30g of protein.


Does this work? Yes! Do it! Go Now! Don’t Procrastinate! If you can set aside 10 minutes, you can get a bigger booty. If you do this routine 3-4 times a week, you will begin to see results within 2-3 weeks. If you add resistance you’ll get bigger better results! Try it just once and the next day you’ll notice your booty a little higher and rounder. Imagine how your butt will look in a mere 1-2 weeks!

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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.


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